The Concerto21 Academy is a program of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. from Hamburg. In accordance with its statutes, the non-profit foundation is committed to culture, science, education and nature conservation. For further information, please visit the website.

The Academy is conceived and moderated by Andreas Brandis, Uta Gielke and Sonia Simmenauer. Founder and Spiritus Rector of the Academy is Martin Tröndle.

Artistic Strategies

Concerto21 is dedicated to both individual career planning and strategic artist development as well as the contemporary renewal of classical performance formats. We go in search of the concert event that draws people into the halls (or in front of the screen) because it touches and inspires, because it is demanding and challenging in the best sense of the word, or simply promises a good evening. It's all about changes in the details that turn the familiar ritual into a surprise again.

Dare to Change

Accompanied by experienced speakers and interlocutors from the world of classical and improvised music, the participants of the Summer Academy deal with concert dramaturgy, audience sociology, music marketing and self-management, and develop new concert models, appropriate mediation methods and effective communication strategies. They learn how to better understand their audience, how to convince promoters, how to make the best use of new (and old) media - and they are given time and space to question their attitude as artists.