The Summer Academy Concerto21 takes place in the seminar center Gut Siggen of the Toepfer Foundation. The seclusion of Gut Siggen promotes a concentrated and familiar working atmosphere as well as personal encounters between participants, presenters and speakers.

Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Siggen

Seminar Center Gut Siggen

The seminar center Gut Siggen at the Baltic Sea is more than just a conference location of the Toepfer Foundation - it is a place for reflection and rethinking, for strategy and dispute discussions, for encounters with others and the encounter with oneself. The claim "to give space", which is located in the program of the foundation, becomes reality here.

The venue is perfect because the seclusion allows you to fully focus on the group and the content. Sitting with the lecturers in the evening on the terrace or in front of the fireplace and getting to know them once again from a different, more personal side was particularly interesting.
Johannes von Butlar